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09-04-08, 07:04
Ah, the Russian drunk Driving server, my favorite one.
A place where everyone knows your name.
And their always glad you came.
Like a local bar/pub.

My "comfort zone" is with amateur settings/assists. I use a automatic transmission so I need auto gearbox & auto clutch settings. I also use the arcade view 80% of the time.
I would never be able to drive as many cars under pro settings because my skill level just isn't that good, but I feel very comfortable as a amateur.
( and imo, if your not comfortable, chances are your not having fun & if your not having fun.... why do it.)

There's a good group of drivers that race there everyday. My "buddy" list gets bigger every month. People for the most part, are friendly (you always get a hello back), happy for you if you had a good race and willing to help people out with everything from the cheat code to car set-ups.

Those things are a big reason that server is one of the most used/successful.

Because it's a amateur server newbies will come to us first. We're like a training ground. Patience is needed by everybody and for the most part I think it's working pretty smoothly.

I've made some great friends here from all over the world. For that I am thank full.


12-04-08, 13:05
...and thanks to you Slo and everybody else on Drunk Drivers Server :thumbup:

I started on this server in October 2007 and is very greatful for all the help and especially the tip to open all the cars :heheh
McDonald helped with setups to the Detomaso, so that I very fast was on the podies from the beginning. 7 years experience from Grand Prix Legends (http://www.indycar.dk/gpl.html) has been a big help in GT Legends.
I use manuel gear & clutch, I also prefer the "arcade view" the most of the time :naughty
In 2003 came 'Nascar Season', which I drive along side Grand Prix Legends, here are 43 cars on the same server, where I learned to drive exstremely close.

See you on the track ;)