View Full Version : Do U Play With Yourself?

08-08-08, 01:24
I do.... 2 maybe 3 times a day depending on who's at the house.
Sometimes company will come over and watch me until I'm done.
Amazed at how I handle my joystick, faster and faster I go, only to slow down at the last second. They enjoy watching my facial expressions change as I pick up speed and hearing me yell out with delight as I finish, my joystick grasped firmly in my hand.

So I'm curious if anyone else plays this much on "single-play" :D

08-08-08, 02:15

No, it's not much I play with myself, only for test & see the replay ... but I can stand for hours and see how delicious I am in a mirror :cool:
But getting attacked by the 'soft curves' and then go through them sharp, I enjoy the most... the 5 sec it now takes,
... but after a pitstop, I packed up and ready for a trip more :shades

08-08-08, 08:37

yesterday i have complete the offline-cup-series with the keyboard. now i have all cars unlocked.
with wheel i am in for this. but with keyboard i played only in amateur. with wheel i try semi-profi - it's harder and i need more practice. for example: only in monza junior i have driven over 100 rounds with the cortina to get a time under 1:08. now i am faster than profi-AI on this track:heheh

08-08-08, 18:35
Ya I try and give it a tug and a rub once a day. And sunday? well sunday I go twice because Im a giver;)