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24-09-08, 20:06
Hi everybody!

Itīs pity that i missed the race on Sachsenring:tears but we had to do "real" racing the last 5 days in Fiorano/Maranello.
Because i did not got any place on my profile for pics, i post here some shots from Bella Italia!:shades
I hope you like them...the first are from the "Galleria Ferrari", we spent the first day, were the scruteneering was, on the parking lot of the "Galleria Ferrari", so we take some free time for visiting the museum.

24-09-08, 20:11
...here are some more...

24-09-08, 20:15
...and now some from Ferraris hometrack...

24-09-08, 20:50
nice ed!

plz more infos about your work on track;)

24-09-08, 21:57
Interesting pics, Ed. Yes, what gets you in to these events?

De Martini
24-09-08, 22:06
Nice, lucky guy! :)

24-09-08, 22:21
wow, u're soooo lucky! just imagine: theese cars were driven by villeneuve, prost, mansell, schumacher...
p.s. what means indy ferrari v8?

24-09-08, 22:51
The pictures are so clear you can almost smell the cars.

25-09-08, 00:18
@ eD.. Question.
Have you heard of anyone else who is associated with real life racing that is into sim type racing of any kind?
Just curious. :)

25-09-08, 00:26
that pictures was taked during the "formula student" event in italy.in germany it takes place on hockenheimring and in england in silverstone. there are also events in the us,where it comes from, in australia, in asia(donīt know exactly where:confused:) and in russia (moscow i guess) since this year.
it is a design competition for universities worldwide. aim is to design and build a singleseater with max 610ccm displacement. the events includes parts where students have to do some presentations about business calculation, the engineering design of their car. there are also the dynamic part of event, where we do some acceleration (we did a 4.65 for 75meters in fiorano,it was a good middle time, although we are the heaviest with 386kg without driver), skid pad and driving through a parcours with slaloms and chicanes (sometimes on real race tracks as you can see on the pics)

25-09-08, 00:29
i heard of Marc Hennerici, heīs driving some touring cars, also on the 24h nordschleife, he was sometimes on gtl (!):clap:...thats the only one i know :(

i was also wondering about that Indy car, so i had take a picture of it!

25-09-08, 11:27
i just uploaded some vids from the event on youtube:
me doing the final slalom @ autocross, that means two times a lap on the parcours
some acceleration

25-09-08, 11:53
Big thanks for these wonderful pictures...I am glad you share them with us :heheh
...and I like this with Shell V-Power :naughty
edit: & When I write this...now with videos :clap:Ooh, site 1 and 2, but last video does not work :(

25-09-08, 16:53
oh Pelle, i see :think:
the acceleration video is still under progress (?), just uploaded it twice but it doesnīt work anyway,hm...
maybe i try it tomorrow...

:clap:now its working!

26-09-08, 07:00
very good.

i think your car has the best sound:D

26-09-08, 17:21
yeah, you`re damn right!!! :naughty

thereīs a restriction of 110 dB(A) at a defined revs (in our case @ 11000 1/min). we had in the first try 120 (!!!), although in Hockenheim we were on the limit of 110 dB(A) (first we worked on a new mapping so that may increase the noise, but many other teams had also trouble with the noise. the people from fiat research had a high-tech messurement system so that may be another reason for that "disaster") after put a dB-killer inside the pipe we had 109,6 dB(A):clap:, but the result was significant loss of power, because the dB-killer has about only 10- 15% of the original cross-section :mad:

so normaly our sound is much better without that damn killer!!!
...and Henry, the University of Vienna had also a nice sound (KTM) and also some very cute female teammates :shades

edit: in the 1st vid, the car that starts after ours was second in the final result. its car from Turino. Luca Di Montezemolo took place in that car on Monday while he visited us, arrived with a helicopter to the course.

26-09-08, 19:27
Bro, You did some really great work here and I really feel your passion for motor sports. Autocross is a perfect way 2 practice car control and push ur self to that next level. Thank you so much for taking the time 2 post and share these with us.;) Robert Yes Ed I 2 have had problems posting videos. Last week I made 2 videos of the porsche 911s but in order 2 get them to post here on gtlegend I had 2 post them with u tube first:( But anyways both vids are under 72 911s check em out. Thanks again ED!

27-09-08, 13:34
hehe, i just send the link of the following vid to our teammates:


the "crazy" people:clap:
(the two guys in blue/white overall seen @ 21-23sec is me and the other driver from our team)

27-09-08, 16:25
Cool videos eD. Thanks!