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11-04-08, 14:39
http://www.chgp.dk/graphics/chgplogo1.gif:link: (http://www.chgp.dk/default.aspx):final:
2nd & 3rd of August 2008

11-04-08, 17:18
Wow Pelle!!!! The Copenhagen Gp looks fantastic and very competetive. I think its a great venu of cars and drivers. I noticed Sr. Derik Bell looking over a 71 bmw 2002:eek: Man I would love to get his autograph on one of my helmets. Anyways, I'll be home Tuesday afternoon and I'd love to race with you guys. Please take it easy on me I'll be very rusty.

11-04-08, 18:00
hey guys, don`t forget the Jim Clark Revival at Hockenheim 24. - 27. April!!!


that was first time i stand two steps near a F1 (and other glorious racecars) when the engine´s getting warm.

18-04-08, 16:48
I wish I could be there that weekend, but it's too far from here :(

Jim Clark was one of the biggest F1 stars ever, and dominated the 60's totally, untill he died tragically in 1968 in a F2 race.

When I started driving Grand Prix Legends it was with Jim Clark's Lotus 49' from 1967, of course.

Here is the car from Grand Prix Legends (http://www.indycar.dk/gpl.html) :final:

Jim Clark's fatal accident at Hockenheim 1968