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15-04-08, 19:59
This trip was fast, fun and full of events. Im lucky not to be in jail because I didnt event have the GT 3 on the pipe.

16-04-08, 13:21
Good you didnt end up in jail, and thanks for the good pictures you've uploaded.
LOL, catched by a Ford :naughty...Capri ?

I didnt event have the GT 3 on the pipe. What do you mean here :questionmark:

16-04-08, 17:49
Pelle, this means I wasnt even getting on the torque span of the motor.;)

09-06-08, 17:16

09-06-08, 17:19
Shoot I screwed up. Hmm. Well u can see the white GT3 RS I was driving Parked between 2 early 911 's in the parking lot. I should have posted this under fellowship:( Fooooooooooook Oh well u get the point.

10-06-08, 17:49

10-06-08, 18:18
Great stuff bro. Did you drive the white one to Portland?
And the camera car in the above video looked more stable than the one they where filming. What the h*ll... didn't you just have a video of the Porsche test track here? Or am I one toke over the line?;)
That last one is cool. Even had classical music to it. Very fitting for a "class" car like the Porsche.:clap:

10-06-08, 20:42
Ya no all this stuff was shot up @ Pismo Beach, CA;) Fun stuff had a great time. I think one of my favorite cars was the 2.2 liter 914-6:heart: Ill see u soon bud

11-06-08, 08:31
Ya slow the vid ur thinking of is under fellowship;)

09-07-08, 19:06
After every Porsche session I am Blessed 2 be a Part of I make a point 2 spend time with my old man;)

10-07-08, 09:11
Thats a fine looking ride my friend.
The last thing a car dealer wants to see is one of their cars on the side of the road with the hood up.

That last pic brought a tear to this old mans eyes and no doubt to the "Shoe" too.:tears
I'm proud of ya bro..... what more can I say

10-07-08, 11:52
nice pics rob. and great racing shoes:rofl1

25-09-08, 22:41
I just found this from one of my favorite TV channels: Motors TV (http://www.motorstv.com/)

26-09-08, 07:37
GT3 is such a weapon 2 drive on the street;) Thx again Pelle

10-03-09, 02:56
Christ !!
YouTube - Porsche 911 996 GT3 vs HONDA CBR1000RR YAMAHA R1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUGDdlId7Dw)

12-03-09, 22:18
Love this sound!!
YouTube - 996 GT3 Straight Pipes Fly By (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHJqVYUyZRA&feature=related)

Navin R Johnson
14-03-09, 02:06
Christ !!
YouTube - Porsche 911 996 GT3 vs HONDA CBR1000RR YAMAHA R1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUGDdlId7Dw)

DANG!! That high speed 4 wheel drift was crazy with those bikes around him.

14-03-09, 13:03
If I see the age of the porsche driver I think he will soon end in prison or cimetary. To much incalculable risks on a public road. Same for the biker with his girl friend behind.

my subjectively opinion after over 35 years Porsche driving and biking

14-03-09, 17:03
I couldnt agree with u more Gotz. That young man will soon end up dead or worse kill some other poor soul. Christ! Kid should be put in jail.

10-06-09, 21:59
wow, the dream in white in "fellowship" thread is awesome!!!:thumbup:
i always liked your taste in cars Rob...
...so i think this release would be interesting for you (although in german)!

10-06-09, 22:02
...and here´s the rest: