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17-04-08, 21:56
I could barley fit my fat ass in this car. lol

18-04-08, 00:03
I think You would like to see this one :think:


The video starts from Hatzenbach (http://www.heiser.net/media/2002.09.nurburgring/nurburgring_map_color.jpg) to :final:

18-04-08, 00:19
YA! Thats what it's all about bro. Was that really yellow bird? hmmm:think:

18-04-08, 13:37
holy shit!!!
that guy was on the limit,sometimes little beyond:drive1:

i bet he got sweaty hands but also a lot of fun (especially at adenauer forst!)

18-04-08, 15:44
Yes...this is wild, but what a good handle of the car. I think he has been driving this track serveral times to do this. :naughty

Look 45sec in the video (Quiddelbacher-Höhe (http://www.simracingportugal.net/gpl/images/GPLPT06-07/GPLPT%2067%20-%2005%20Nurburgring%2003.jpg)) where the car sounds like it's flying, there are really top'speed over here to do this.

When I meet this track first time was in Grand Prix Legends (http://www.indycar.dk/gpl.html), and it took me many tries just to pass Aremberg, where I crashed the car into the bridge (1:27 in the video).
The next crash came already with Adenauer-Forst (1:45) a big tree and the car was in torn into atoms. In the video you can see today there are set crash fences all around the track, but not in the old days.

18-04-08, 18:32
yes, very good handle!

...and he´s also very brave, to take the right on flugplatz at that speed/drift on a tourists-drive :f1racer:but the car is amazing fast!!!

if he´s not skilled driver and with only few laps at ns, he wouldn´t pass through hatzenbach without throwing the car away;)

tomorow evening we try it again there, but only on a e30 318i :heheh,that means looking the whole time in the mirrors:eek:

19-04-08, 02:54
tomorow evening we try it again there, but only on a e30 318i :heheh,that means looking the whole time in the mirrors:eek: Remember to tell all about it ;)

In the video he's laptime must be...8:20 ?

In GT Legends I have this one from Altbierbude (http://www.altbierbude.de/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/lang,en/)

Driver: Pelle Buchner (Lobby: Pelle_B)
Track: Nordschleife - Tourist
Laptime: 07:53.624
Vehicle: Ford Capri - Std. #89 (GTC-TC-76)
Date/Time: 2008-02-05 23:34:53

19-04-08, 18:08
Good video & sounds. His track knowledge and driving skills were awesome. I like watching him work the steering wheel coming out of the corners.
I was surprised to see the first motorcycle. For a moment I thought, "what the %#^....... is this guy out on a public road or what?" :confused:

A moment later I could see it was a track. :o

19-04-08, 19:01
A moment later I could see it was a track. :o
lol slo!

not a track. THE TRACK.

19-04-08, 23:03

Slo: Does it mean you never have been on this track ?
...you have a surprice left :cool:

But if I remember right...we have been there for a long time ago :think:

22-04-08, 19:28
These wheels just came back from "Ron woods Wheels" and they look the great. These are factory Porsche Speedline wheels that have been completly restored. The car is a factory 993 RS that I drove in Oregon and it is a light weight RS. LOL... I had a little trouble fitting my fat ass in the RS seat but I can asure you all its one of the best cornering car Iv ever driven. Makes a C6R look like a back marker

22-04-08, 20:57
Your truely a lucky man bro, I don't even dream of driving a car like that. Way outta my league, wait a minute... let me check my wallet................
Yup (empty)....... "way outta my league"! :D

curious.... is there cup holder in it. ;)
(my car might have something it don't! ;))

22-04-08, 23:44
Ya sorry no cup holder. cya bro!!

23-04-08, 03:54
Ya sorry no cup holder. cya bro!!lol...but what a fantastic nice car :thumbup:

26-04-08, 00:48
WOW.... no cup holders!
I mean how much weight did they save by leaving that out?:rolleyes:
Oh well.... it's not like someday I'll be sitting in one of them and asking the dealer, "hey man, where's the cup holder for my ice-tea"?
But it is a little surprising.:)
It's still a class ride bro. :clap:

02-07-08, 19:38
Ok this yellow Rs is the car I'll be in this weekend. And my buddy Joe will be driving this 360 Ferrari which U guys Know I hate:bash: However, its a little bit quicker than this 355 u see here in the video. Anyways I catch a flight early tomorrow morning but Ill post many pics for u guys;) Have a great race sunday and I'll c u soon.

03-07-08, 04:53
When you get done this weekend you'll probably have driven over a million dollars worth of cars.:drive1::thumbup:
I like pic's of the cars "moving" best.:)

03-07-08, 13:03
I have my lap top with me so I can download each days car activity:) U guys take care and Ill see U next week;)

03-07-08, 20:33
U guys take care and Ill see U next week;)Are you gone for a week? :tears
Have a really nice trip in the 2 racing cars...but remember 'No speed ticket'. :thumbup:

09-07-08, 17:42
Ok I dont know how 2 post all these because they are all in so many types of classes. Anyways, I hope u enjoy them.

09-07-08, 17:50
This old girl has become one of my favs;)

09-07-08, 18:02
This is also a factory light weight car. "MEAN & NASTY"

09-07-08, 18:16
The weather last weekend was very wet so I was unable 2 drive this car:(

09-07-08, 18:54
Very specail and very rare RS;)

10-07-08, 09:06
I can see why you like this one so much. It's yellow & reminds me of the car you drive in GTL.
I liked the private license plate "993 RS"
And what a spoiler WOW.:D

10-03-09, 06:43
993 euro RS & 996 GT3

10-03-09, 07:29
the yellow RS looks better:)

11-03-09, 01:42
I love the dual exhaust..... old school.... outboard.
Get used to driving on wet roads buddy. :)

13-07-09, 18:48
Getting the casrs ready for this years Historic races in Monterey. We will be takeing the black 964 RS and the Speedline yellow 993 RS.
both cars will be in show;)

14-07-09, 07:25
So much work still 2 do:( Today we cleaned and polished the wheels and put back on the car. Tomorrow we shall install new black factory rocker pannels:clap: Ill keep u posted

19-07-09, 01:55
Today we installed Clear Car Bra and the black rocker pannels. Damn car sure has a sexy ass.

19-07-09, 05:47

19-07-09, 09:57
Today we installed Clear Car Bra and the black rocker pannels. Damn car sure has a sexy ass.

Nice :)

21-08-09, 20:45
Just a few Pics of the car in Downtown Carmel. More 2 come!

21-08-09, 21:03
Remember this car is one of 4 in the u.s.a.:eek:

21-08-09, 22:04
Just a few Pics of the car in Downtown Carmel. More 2 come!
[/URL][URL]http://www.supercars.net/gallery/119513/2130/2.html (http://www.supercars.net/gallery/119513/2130/2.html)
thx bud. do you know which pics i can use for the

911 S 2.4


911 S 2.2


ah i see, the gulf is an '66 911 S 2.0. is this body original race trim?

21-08-09, 22:18
Ya u can use any pics you want as long as we mix it up a little. Ya the 66 2.0 liter is all original:)
Just got this in from a P.C.A. buddy. Its a real fuckin bad day for for this guy. My prayers goes out to him. Im happy 2 say he is ok. Poor CGT

27-08-09, 01:38
Beautiful pictures :thumbup: (Except last post :eek:)...there is something audacious about the yellow Porsche.

New Porsche 911 GT3 RS...your new car Robert??? :naughty
http://www.driverside.com/backseatdriver/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/gt3rs.jpg....more on this link (http://www.netcarshow.com/porsche/2010-911_gt3_rs/) ;)

Navin R Johnson
27-08-09, 04:50
I would have to agree about the yellow car there. Can't stand yellow. Taxi's,School buses maybe..but anything else always looks better any other color. As far as that GT3 RS:eek: One word... AWESOME!!! I think Robert will need a little... alone time with that picture:naughty

06-09-09, 22:39
YouTube - Smith Porsche 993 Carrera RS (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgALihrYOqA)

07-09-09, 06:51
Man, wash the damm windows! Cant look at this :p

07-09-09, 09:51
Nice ride...........
About half way thru I realized it wasn't his car.:)
This probably gave every car prowler the idea of checking out a potential victim by pretending to be a photographer.
Mmmmm..... is the car locked? Does it have a blinking alarm set? Is there anything worth stealing inside? I know, I'll pretend to be filming and check it out.
Or maybe he was curious to see if had a ................ yes.... "cup holder":thumbup:
"Pink" sidewalks?:naughty
All in all that is one sweet ride.:clap: