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08-07-09, 19:41
Hi Guys!

Yesterday a message was posted on altbierbude by an admin. He has sent an email to SimBin because Lobby was down.

A guy namen Mikkel wrote back, the problem will be fixed soon, so I assume the lobby will be online again before the week is over.

Was a good idea to send a message to Simbin :clap:

Hope to see you again soon :shades


14-07-09, 15:26
Hi buddies!

Still no online-lobby :tears but I found a statement from SimBin's Mikkel Gram Hansen from a few days ago:

"GT Legends Lobby issue

The GT Legends lobby system is down as most of you will know. The reason is that a formerly 10Tacle owned domain name integral to the service was discontinued the other day after obviously not being paid by the now defunct 10Tacle company..

SimBin are now in the process of buying the domain name to get the lobby up and running again. If things go smooth it should be back in a matter of a few days... but if the URL can for some reason not be purchased then a patch has to be made instead in order to keep GTL alive, and that will take more time. SimBin are commited to seeing this situation through and make GTL available online again, but there are no official timelines on the matter. "

Or read this message directly at

I've also sent an email to Simbin, but so far not recieved an answer :think:
Maybe SimBin is being flooded by millions of email...

Hope to c u all again soon :thumbup: