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29-01-10, 16:24
check this out guys :confused::rule:


29-01-10, 18:55
WoW, great info Denis :thumbup:

I immediately jumped out to see the number on my Good'Year (http://eu.goodyear.com/uk_en/tires/repository/Eagle_F1AS/index.jsp) Eagle F1 Asymmetric
Right now wind & snow here in Denmark...so maybe not the best tires to run right now :D
...but I found the number: 4708 - purchased in 2009, they were a half years old when I got them, I suppose it's o'k' :wink1

Navin R Johnson
30-01-10, 07:53
check this out guys :confused::rule:


Food for thought.. Honda has gotten in some trouble in recent years for shoding there Accords with old tires. I had a friend that had a set of those and before they wore out you could see dry rot cracks all over the sidewall and deep cracks in between the tread blocks. We checked out the manufacture date and they were 6 years old on a 2 year old car that was bought new. He went to the dealer and raised hell over this and got a new set for free. Honda has been very lucky that most of this has gone under the radar.

30-01-10, 09:43
summer slicks: 1year
winter marathon plus: >4 years

30-01-10, 15:15
LOL Henry...the tires on your bike? Don't drive too fast :shades

@NRJ: Scary story, not good advertising for Honda :no:
Here I was curious, cheat Volvo with old tires for new cars? Volvo has always placed safety at the top.
My Volvo was built at the factory on August 18 2006 & this is incredible.
When I got it from Volvo in September 12 with Conti Sport Contact 2 with this number: 3206 - brand new tires :clap:
It sounds almost too good to be true...so I have put pictures up :photo:
You can buy a volvo & enter the accelerator down :drive1: