View Full Version : Canepa Design GT3 RS

03-02-10, 23:48
Just got it home!! Just given the car a quick once over:)

03-02-10, 23:54
I need 2 install clear bra on it as a.s.a.p.

04-02-10, 00:03
I love the non RS script look. My lord this car is fast!! The GT2 is a faster car but this is way more fun 2 drive I think. Its way more forgiving than a GT2 thats for sure.

04-02-10, 00:21
WoW naughty...but maybe a little too plastic looking in my eyes :think:
Please, tell the size of the tires, my guess: 255/30/20...or 21?

04-02-10, 00:49
The fronts are on 235/35/19 rears 305/30/19

04-02-10, 00:58
rears 305/30/19:eek:...F1 tyres :D

18-02-10, 07:19
Today I hade the 997 Clear filmed. Hood, rear flairs, roof line, lights and rear splitter. In Europe do you guys use alot of this product to prevent rock chips??? In the states we use alot of it.


19-02-10, 05:52
In Europe do you guys use alot of this product to prevent rock chips???No, never seen it before :no:
...but now I got to thinking back when we had our Volvo S60. Jytte ordered several things for the luggage compartment, shopping stuff & more :rolleyes: (I probably went out & took a smoke). When we got the car I told Jytte they had forgotten to pack the bumper off, there was still plastic (film)...I didn't know it was protection when taking goods out :doh: yes, our rear bumper are clear filmed :D

De Martini
19-02-10, 14:10
So beauuuuuutiful! :thumbup:

No, never seen it before :no:

Neither do I :eek: how long does it last??

19-02-10, 16:54
Ya everytime I get the chance I will add clear bra to partsof my cars. The GT3 has 1,950 mile on it and no rock chips ever. The film clear will last 5-10 years. However, sometimes if a car is always out in the sun you will get a little discoloration. It will turn like a yellow haze. But this car is always inside under cover.. For an average guy who buys a new car this is a total must.

Mike Miller
02-03-10, 17:49
Beautiful car Robert. Mine is similar, but as you know, a little lower on the food chain. Still a mighty quick car and a joy to drive. I've had mine since May 2007. I had clear film installed that day and it has already started to yellow in a couple spots. The hood, bumper, lights and other large areas are good, but the smaller portions behind the wheels are starting to yellow. I think the installer may have used different film in those portions that are yellowing. The car never stays out in the sun long (garaged day and night). Where did you have film installed? I'll have to take some photos to show the yellowing. In the meantime, here are a few older shots. The car was only 7 days old before it went to Pocono.

02-03-10, 18:12
Very very nice mike. Im sorry to hear about the yellowing. 3-M makes a plastic polish that may be helpful for 2 u. Ill look around @ taps plastics today and see what I can find. BTW white is my fav color on the GT3. On the RS we did a full hood, larger rear fender flair, 10% on the front roof line, rear bumpers, lights and all the wheels arches. The car is a full leather car that I personally dont care for but do like the white stiching. Anyways, thx so so much for the pics :)