View Full Version : Scirocco "Vans"

Navin R Johnson
05-06-11, 07:50
There's a Van's headquarters about 3 Kilometers from my home. Another good photo shoot spot.:thumbup: I always wanted to see what the car would look like with black wheels so I plasti dipped the drivers side. Rubberised paint that just peels off when you want it too.


06-06-11, 01:48
Sry, but my opinion, boring :wink1 I mean, you buy a nice rim, the problem is that you don't see the rim when it's black.
Silver or chrome to me, but tires must have cream so they look fresh. Unfortunately, silver & chrome...you see brake dust on the rim too fast :(

Navin R Johnson
06-06-11, 21:51
I agree with you Pelle. Plus the black wheel makes an already small 14' wheel look even smaller. I like the look for some cars(GT3 911 looks wicked with black wheels)and always wanted to try it and after seeing the "plasti dip thing" which will just peel right off(see video link). I had to give it a go.. No way I would keep it after hours and hours of polishing the face of the wheel;) Plus being parked next to that graffiti bus and with the black wheels it truly looks like a kids car.. Not what I'm after:rolleyes: It's coming OFF!!:D