View Full Version : F1 79 Setups

30-07-11, 00:30
Had to try this 79 mod for GTR2...it is fun but difficult :D
... & got fixed one setup for Dario & Alfa, low 1:23 to Long Beach.
Try it, but remember this is my first setup in this F1 79 :shades

30-07-11, 03:56
Gave this car (Alfa) a test more, it ended with: 1:22,551
Setup is here...but much can be done better.

De Martini
30-07-11, 09:57
I'll give it a try, thank you mate!

Think about tomorrow's race ;)

30-07-11, 15:13
I'll give it a try, thank you mate!
Remember to change Steering Lock, I still use my old MS :D
...but I have no idea if time is good & no idea what times the other runs.

31-07-11, 00:49
Sry Dario...I can't make it better than this: 1:21.929 in Alfa, I need more time ;)