View Full Version : *GTLDK*#2 Server

18-12-12, 03:16
Currently Online status: :lightred
Currently running *All Cars*. An updated ABB (http://www.altbierbude.de/index.php?lang=en) install required :boss

GTLDK #2 is currently running with password: GTLDK

21-08-13, 17:02
To join GTLDK server 2 requires an updated ABB install & this package of our own GTLDK cars :shades

Download here :link: (http://www.gt-legends.eu/GTL/GTLDK_Cars/GTLDK_Package/GTLDK_CARS.zip)
Remember: Extract this package to your GTL or ABB installation :zip:

Edit: Updated, now without the #41 (http://www.gt-legends.dk/GTLDK/showthread.php?737-GTLDK-Porsche-911&p=14292#post14292) Porsche 911 RSR. Added, #25 (http://www.gt-legends.dk/GTLDK/showthread.php?740-GTLDK-Datsun-240Z&p=14291&viewfull=1#post14291) Datsun 240Z :declare: