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    Default Guide: How to make a 'Standalone'!

    I really don't know where I should start, but in the begining it looks like lots of hard work and time...and it is.
    To help you a litte bit on the start, here are the programs I used to make this Ford Capri, there can be used on Altbierbude servers.

    You can download cars from many places, but I would recommend downloading only from Altbierbude or here on GTLDK...why, because they 'maybe' are full of errors

    What do you need:

    Car Templates of the Car you want to create:
    Paint Program:
    Corel Paint Shop Pro 8 or newer
    Adobe Photoshop 6 or newer
    or another program which can handle *.psd files.

    DDS-Plugin for the Paint Program:Program to edit GTL/GTR files:
    You may not see your GTL files because the program looking for GTR files. In the 'Filename', type: *GTL & hit Enter (keyboard)

    Decrypted *.CAR file:
    You won't find original decrypted *.CAR files, because they are illegal. To Edit CAR file use Araneae
    Download an Addon Skin/Car of similar type as you want to create and take it's *CAR file.
    Ingame Video Capture Tool:Video edit Tool(not essential):Tool to create *.BIK files:
    Bink Video(RAD Video Tools)

    Icon Templates:
    You find some in the same dowload sections like the Car Templates.
    I recommend the High Quality GTL Icon Template

    GTL Skinning & Standalone Guide
    Guide to Stand Alone Car Creation
    I will wish you a good luck with your own car

    89 Ford Capri the file so you can make your own. version of a Ford Capri, remember to unzip into this folder:
    C:\GTL\GameData\Teams\GTC-TC-76\Ford Capri
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Standalone Guide

    This is not a painting tutorial. I give only some notes.


    • check the layers[on/off]
    • make sure you paint in the right layer(paint here!)
    • activate the wireframe to get better orientation, but don't forget to deactivate it after your work
    • don't forget to save you template often and maybe with different names
    Windows and some Bodys:

    • same as Body but they have an Alpha Channel
    • deactivate the RGB Channel and activate the Alpha
    • you will see only greyscales
    • white=intransparent; black=full transparent

    • it's not necessary to paint the wheels/rims in the body template
    • take standalone rims and paint them
    • it's easy, you have only to paint two files, the others you get in Adobe 'Blur/Radial Blur - Turn
    • take a value of 25 for the first and 10 for the second file and choose "very good" (Best)

    • you find the files in the "talent.gtl"
    • extract the two you need
    • paint and save them as:

    *driver name*_BODY.DDS
    *driver name*_HELMET.DDS

    into your Car# folder
    (the driver name has to be the same as in the *.CAR file)

    • There are two version: stock(two templates for each file[disable, enable] or the HQ(one template with superposed layers)
    • Make a screenshot of your car[print key]
    • Import it into your paint program[ctrl+v]
    • Cut the car out of it[for the disabled/locked icon use greyscales]
    • Import it into the icon template(s)
    • Conform the size of the car to the template[scaling]
    • Save it as *psd file
    • Play with the layers[on/off] until you get the right result
    • Resize it to 70*66 pixels using bicubic or bicubic-smoother resample algorithm
    • Reduce all to background and save it as 32bit *.tga with alpha channel

    • easy way[1]: change your resolution to 1024*768
    • Start Fraps, deactivate "Record Sound", set to "Full Size" and 25-30FPS[make sure you know the target folder of Fraps records]
    • Drive with your car[make sure replays are activated]
    • Open the Replay and search a nice sector
    • Start the recording[F9 default]
    • Stop the recording[F9 default]
    • Open the recorded *.avi with Virtual Dub or RAD Video Tool
      • Virtual Dub
        • open the video
        • set start/end poit of the part you want to cut and press Home/End
        • press Ctrl+x
        • make sure your video is not longer than 200frames
        • easy way[2]: File>>Run Script... and load the "final.vcf" script and File>>Save as AVI >> go to the RAD Tool
        • all others have also to go to Video>>Filters and change the output size[for 1280*1024 you can set 268*156]

      • Rad Video Tool
        • open your created *avi and click on "Bink it!"
        • change the compress to a data rate to at least 100000(the higher, the better)
        • if you didn't use Virtual Dub then do before: "Convert a file" and change Width and Height

    • At First:
      • copy the folder of the car you want to create(e.g.: you want to make a 906, then copy the folder "30")
      • replace the original *.CAR file by the decrypted one
      • at first you need a new number, look at the altbierbude, which number isn't assigned(i choosed the "8")
      • now you have to replace the original number in the names of all files and the folder with this new one(8<>30)
      • open the TEX file with the Geditor and check the attributes of the body and window files
      • if you painted cockpit or wheel files you have to do the same with CPIT_TEX and WHEELS
      • which attributes are interesting? MIPMAP Level(0-11) and Type(DXT1-5)

    • Video:
      • rename your created *.bik file as the modified original name and replace the original file by your one

    • Icons:
      • rename your two created *.tga files as the modified original names and replaye the original files by your ones

    • Painting:
      • take your finished *.psd files and reduce them to background
      • save it as *.DDS
      • a new window will be opened
      • remember the file attributes and change the file format(Type) to it
        • Bodys and Cockpits are alway DXT1(most times RGB)
        • Sometimes they have an Alpha Channel then you have to take DXT1 ARGB
        • Windows are always DXT5 ARGB(interploate Alpha)

      • change the MIP maps(MIPMAP Level) to the original value + 1
      • you created the *.DDS files for the ULTRA_TEX files
      • now you need the same for the ordinary TEX files
      • repeate the work but reduce the picture size to half(e.g.: ULTRA_TEX Body file is 2048*1024; TEX Body is 1024*512)
      • rename the all files as the original ones but change the number to your one(8<>30)

    • At Last:
      • Open your renamed original TEX and ULTRA_TEX files with the Geditor and replace the included *.DDS files with your new ones(remove; import)
      • (*GTL) save it
      • open the decryted *.CAR file with the Editor
        • change the name in the first line to yours
        • change the number of the car to yours
        • you can change Team & Driver too
        • if you have a Bonus Car, then change Locked to 0

      • save it
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    Default Important Info

    PaintShop Pro X5 In this program, be sure to do exactly as in previous versions, otherwise you will at some point meet this:
    "Because of the limitations of the specified file format, the saved file will be limited to a merged image. Would you like to continue?"
    If you press Save when you see this warning...all of your layers will be lost
    Solution: File/Preferences/General Program Preferences. Warnings & Disable *WARNING - File format limitations.*
    This tip still applies in Painthop Pro 2018

    Maybe you are already using Adobe where the problem never arose & have not encountered this problem in the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended or latest CC
    This program is great for making your DDS files...but remember: NVIDIA Texture Tools * 32-bit - 64-bit *
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