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    Default [PnG2.1]Fun Race - Detroit 1988


    • Qualifying 19:30 BST (British Summer Time), 18:30 UTC/GMT.
    • Race 20:00 BST (British Summer Time), 19:00 UTC/GMT.

    • Qualifying 18:00 BST (British Summer Time), 17:00 GMT.
    • Race 18:30 BST (British Summer Time), 17:30 GMT.

    Event Details

    Track: Detroit 1988 -
    Weather Forcast: dry
    Cars: Porshe 906 Carrera 6

    Practises Server: [PnG2.1]RDD Pract w/TP
    Race Server: GC NG PNG V2.1 tp on
    Qualifying: 30 minutes
    Length: TBA

    (if the race server is not online, the practise server will be used for the event)

    Flags: all
    Mechanical: Normal
    Tyre Wear: Normal
    Fuel: Normal
    Force Cockpit View: No
    Difficult: Simulation
    Automatic Gears: Yes
    Automatic Clutch: Yes
    Terrain Patch: on

    If you can´t enter the server (cheat-warning), please make sure you have the terrain patch enabled, and your running the latest P&G (2.1) -

    Thanks to Gator for hosting the practise server, and Gamers-Crib for the race server.

    Any comments or questions, please post and im sure someone will be able to help
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    thanks for posting this Henry, as you obviously noticed, id forgotten to do it, ive had my eye on my GTR2 races lately, but still glad these babies are still goin ahead!

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