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    Default [PnG 2.1]Fun Race - Westwood 1988


    • Qualifying 20:30 CET/MEZ, 19:30 BST (British Summer Time), 18:30 UTC/GMT.
    • Race 21:00 CET/MEZ, 20:00 BST (British Summer Time), 19:00 UTC/GMT.

    • Qualifying 19:00 CET/MEZ, 18:00 BST (British Summer Time), 17:00 GMT.
    • Race 19:30 CET/MEZ, 18:30 BST (British Summer Time), 17:30 GMT.

    Event Details

    Track: Westwood 1988 -
    Weather Forcast: ***Light showers are forecast***
    Cars: Lotus Cortina Mann, Lotus Cortina Works, Mini Cooper 1275S, Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA Junior, Ford Mustang BSCC Gr2.
    (* = subject to change)

    Practises Server: [PnG2.1]RDD Pract w/TP
    Race Server: *GC* PnG F-Race V2.1 tp on
    Qualifying: 30 minutes
    Length: TBA
    (if the race server is not online, the practise server will be used for the event)

    Flags: all
    Mechanical: Normal
    Tyre Wear: Normal
    Fuel: Normal
    Force Cockpit View: No
    Difficult: Simulation
    Automatic Gears: Yes
    Automatic Clutch: Yes
    Terrain Patch: on

    If you can´t enter the server (cheat-warning), please make sure you have the terrain patch enabled, and your running the latest P&G (2.1) -

    Thanks to Gator for hosting the practise server, and Gamers-Crib for the race server.

    Any comments or questions, please post and im sure someone will be able to help
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    Practice Server is up.

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    first race is over. i'm happy with my performance.

    during the practice i noticed, that the mustang and alfa are 1-2s faster than the cortina and mini. but i decided for the cortina, because i can't handle the mustang and the alfa is so boring.

    with the new motec display(thx @ cos) i had the first time alle important infos about temperatures und tyre wear. this showed me, that i will have a few problems:
    rain, track temp and 42 laps aka 1h race
    the soft tyres will overheat if the track temp increase over 30° and won't survive 1h.
    the medium have lesser grip and won't reach the working temp during the rain.

    i choose the softs and pray to god for not too hot temps or early rain. also i had to drive carefully and prevent blocking tyres. i changed the brake bias and power before the race.

    qualified as 6th and i saw my nightmare would be real. 39° track temp
    had a bad start. because i look at the mustangs in front of me and they missed the start. but it wasn't too bad, because in corner 2 there were a small accident with nearly all drivers. so i was a lucky 3rd.
    but of course not for long time. PuG & Co were fast like always. i knew i can't go their pace and let them drive - do my on race. position 6 again after 2 laps. at lap 3 the rain starts and i was so happy, that i had a little spin and was 8th. i could go the pace of the 2 alfas in front of me and tried to stay cool and not to destroy my tires.
    and it was the right decision, after 2-3 laps the rain ends, but started again after 2laps. the guys in front of me couldn't handle their cars and i was 5th.
    after 11 laps my race was nearly finish. i was alone 20s to the 4th and 2laps to the 6th.
    at laps 21 the 4th left the race and i got his position.
    druing the next laps i was lapped by PuG and Nemeth, but could keep WoodenMan at bay.
    clean race with a small mistake. and a good result. hope to see more of you tomorrow.
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    Good for you Henry for being the only one not driving a noob car Good finish too I'll try and join ya tomorrow

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    jesus christ!

    as lonesome the last as crazy this one. 41 laps battle bumper by bumper.

    chose again the soft tires and q at 2. because PuG, Jiri & Nemeth decided to start from back. the weather was nearly the same as before, but without the second rain. so only 2-3 laps of rain - started at lap 4.

    good start behind cos, i tried to push and checked the tires. did many laps at q and got a smoother line. i saw the cos went very agressive in the corners and lost many rubber on the track. i asked me, when he will visit the grass. it was only a question of time.

    did a stupid mistake on lap 3 and the others passed me. pos 6 and i saw cos did the same
    PuG & Nemeth did their race at top.
    behind them we found a nice group of 4 drivers, who starts a long fight. 3 Alfs vs. 1 Tina
    rehtom at 3. had the best position, because arpix behind him was a good bodyguard. his car was like a wall for us. as last of this group i had a front-row seat for the battle between arpix and dent. the proof did all to overtake arpix, but the wall braked always later and both cars had the same speed at the straight. i stay back and knew, my time will come.

    4 laps late first round of battle ends as dent went offroad. now it was on me
    but he was very fast and i didn't come closer until he went offroad and we passed him. now dent was very close to me and i was in defence. my advantage was the smoother line before the big straight and the higher topspeed. but he was faster at the corners. at lap 15 it happens: he kicked me out of track.

    until this time, the surprised thing was, that rehtom couldn't go away. but now he won 10s.
    like a real gentlement dent let me pass but now arpix was in front of us again
    during the next 13 laps we drove bumper by bumper again to arpix. at lap 29 dent overtook me and we had the same standing as 26 laps before
    during the next 3 laps dent tried again to overtake arpix, but failed as before and i was in 5th again.
    now it goes quick and i didn't make compromises. i came close to arpix, used my smoother line before the long straight and his slipstream. no chance for him.
    11s behind rehtom and arpix between me and dent, i hoped he did again a good job as the wall and i had more calm last laps.
    but rehtom was it too boring and went offroad. 11s blow away and i used my push to overtake him. arpix too.
    3rd place 3 laps to go and the wall between me and rehtom + dent. what could avoid my podium? of course i
    offroad, all three overtook me and rehtom got his third back.
    finally dent could overtake arpix after 36 laps.
    half of the left front tire was down, but i could go 1:20s until the last lap.
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