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Thread: RaceOn

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    Default Race On mod for GTR Evo

    if someone´s got gtr evo, can download the race on mod for it and get all the new stuff (tracks,cars) for free


    ...but it is still more like arcade

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    I play Race07 time to time but always come back to GTL just because people here enjoy clean and fair racing. Theres about 10% possibility you can finish in Race07, in all other cases you end up in the wall or upside down. Take a look at replay from my last race in Macau. I couldnt even imagine such mess is possible
    Thats why i doubt Race07/GTRE/RaceOn will ever become real simulator which means not only good physics but good spirit as well
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    Thanks for an entertaining replay...although it was short

    I must admit, it's not much I have enjoyed viewing RaceOn
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    I don't think Race On will ever be at the top of the mountain.
    Would I recommend it to a "first time" racer?..... No
    GTR2 would get that honor and for 2 reasons.
    First it has a great "default" setting. That is very important I think because A first timer will install the game, pick a car, hit "default" and start racing. (hopefully off line @ first)
    His first experience might make or break his interest in the game.
    Of the 3 games I have, GTL.. GTR2 & Race On........ GTR2 has the best default.
    The 2nd reason GTR2 gets my vote is the never ending stream of new cars, skins and tracks. You can get everything from the Honda Civic to F1 3000.
    Am I bummed out (not happy) that I bought it?
    Not really. It's my way of supporting the game I guess.
    "No expectations.... No disappointments"

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