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Thread: new GTR 2011

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    Default new GTR 2011

    New GTR game in development from SimBin

    SimBin are proud to announce that a new GTR game is in the pipeline; the wait is over and development on the next installment of our multiple awards winning GTR series has begun.

    The title will take gamers back to the roots of SimBin style racing games, while offering a brand new take on the basic concept of “easy to drive, hard to master”, the hallmark of SimBin titles for the past decade.

    SimBin will take a significant step up in both realism, visuals, and sheer immersion, offering players a completely new and unique experience based on the known and award winning simulation philosophy of SimBin. SimBin will focus on continued support for the game through multiple new innovative online features and activities, in addition to a very comprehensive DLC plan

    The title is scheduled for release 2011, publisher TBA For future announcements on the new GTR game, keep an eye on

    i hope they do it right this time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry View Post
    i hope they do it right this time
    They have to change the graphic motor too!

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    Waiting for new WTCC game and rFactor 2 as well

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