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    Default Thursday Night at UKP&G 13th January 2011

    Practice 1: 19:20 (30 mins)
    Qual 2: 19:50 (~20 mins)
    Race: ~20:10 (30 Minutes)
    Cars allowed: Ford Falcon Sprint, Lotus Cortina GT Works

    Track: New Hampshire Motor Speedway Road Course (go to site for download)
    Time of Day Setting: 13:00
    Weather: Dry
    Start: Standing

    Tyre wear: 1X
    Fuel consumption: 1X
    Pit-stops: None required

    Qualifing procedure
    Each driver will get 1 out lap and 1 flying lap
    No cooldown lap. Please hit escape after you cross the line on your flying lap
    There are no resets. If you crash, then make the most of it. Get across the line.
    The order in which drivers will qualify will be in reverse order of the grid after the practice session
    I will announce your name when it is your turn to qualify
    The server administrator will advance to the race session once everyone has had an opportunity to qualify

    Server: - P&G
    Password: go to site

    (1) It's best if all drivers can make sure they are connected before the Qualifying session as drivers on track during qualifying will not see cars that join after they are on track until they go back to the garage.
    (2) Please make sure you are fully aware of the Rules especially the rules about in-game chat messages.
    (3) You will need to install Power and Glory v2 from here, 2.1 patch from here and enable terrain patch.
    (4) P&G has no 'Pit Speed Limiter' function. You may go as fast as you like in the pits, but please exercise caution. Penalties will be handed out for causing contact in the pit lane. Use your best judgement when making your pitstop during the race.

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    Guy's, as UKGTL are using alternate Thursday's with UKP&G I thought I'd give you all a heads up about this Thursdays race.

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