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    Quote Originally Posted by De Martini View Post
    Grats man!

    I planned to attend this event, but surprise surprise... when i turned the wheel on yesterday in the morning, it failed to calibrate itself... after 2 days of normal usage!!! Jose's one failed at calibration process last week too, but each one has a different issue. His wheel went to normality magically while mine it's completely locked to the left and shows 8.8.8. in the display. Seems that this is caused by a faulty optical sensor. Jose's brake pedal is broken too, seems that the potentiometer got loose, so it's unable to reach 100% brake pressure.

    This things really piss us off
    I move this to the original thread.

    The guys from Fanatec sent me a new Carrera pack after they saw the vid i uploaded for them showing the faulty wheel, moreover, Jose's replacement pedals have been already shipped. Let's hope everything will be ok for us from now on, we are keeping our fingers crossed

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    Quote Originally Posted by De Martini View Post
    ... we are keeping our fingers crossed
    mee too, good luck boys

    will be great to see you on track again

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