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    Default Crazy life latelly

    Hi everyone
    First of all sorry i havent been around latelly,since ive moved i am more busy than i have been for a long time.My wife and i decided to open a new company and it has been insane .I would have never thought that it would have taken off so fast but it did .I am not really complaining but there just isnt enough time to get caught up on everything we have going on,i am working 8-10 hours a day with my wife and we have to many accounts to the point were i have to hire someone this week for us to stay on top of everything .I am sorry i havent had time to involved in the site like i was but i am going to make time if it kills me to race and get back into the site and help Pelle .Bare with me guys as soon as i can get the time to finalize the race series i was working on to get it going soon (i hope) .I still have alot to do on the series and i hope to get it going by the end of April .Hopefully

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    Good to hear from you Harley. That sounds great that your new business has taking off so well. A rare thing given this economy. Hope to see you back on track soon.

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