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Porsche 1970-73 911S for Altbierbude Read me

The original 1972 911S mod that is at No-Grip was a collection of body modifications placed together with a set of physics to create a mod.
The files in that version were a mess with redundant stuff all over the place.

I had been contacted by the nice people at Altbierbunde about having the car on the ABB servers, but we all agreed that the files were to big a mess as they were.
After talking with Papag21 we decided the best thing to do was to start over from scratch and build up a version of the car just for Altbierbude the project became
a full Brickyard Legends Team project
That is the mod you have now.

This version has been completely rebuilt including redoing all of the 3D work and Physics.

There are many different variations of the racing 911S that were built in the early 70s mostly consisting of small changes in the displacement of the engine.
I have settled on 3 versions for the Mod

1972 Group-4 cars. Porsche 911S:
These are the full 2.5 liter cars built to the final group-4 specs. A bit faster than the Capri 2600 and BMW 2800CS.
A fair amount of grip but still possessing the lively tail that the 911 is known for, hard lifts off the throttle are to be avoided mid corner but can be used to rotate the car if needed
This car is equipped with the largest of the optional racing fuel tanks

Porsche 911ST:
These are the smaller engine cars and represent the 2.3 and 2.4 cars.
Not as much grip or as powerful as the full 2.5 liter cars but a light homologation weight keeps them close.

Porsche 911 Proto:
This is a one off car only one car built for Gerard larrousse for the 1970 tour de France and lightened well under the new group-4 homologation weight and therefore raced as a Prototype.
This car runs on a semi slick tire, is very light weight and forgiving to drive but the lack of total grip keeps it from being as fast as the later cars.


(Notes from the old Mod)
Originally Porsche had attempted to get the 911S homologated to group 2 (Group 2 was for touring cars and included the Capri2600 and BMW 2800CS)
However the FIA had not agreed, calling the 911S instead a GT car and placing it in group 4. (With the early Pantera)
As it turns out group 4 and group 2 cars would run almost the same lap times.
At the 1972 LeMans test some weeks before the race the capri2600 seemed to be the fastest of anyone in group 2 or 4,
However at the end of the test one car had gone faster it was the Kermer 911S.
At the time the factory had placed its considerable weight behind the 914-6 (with good results)
However Kermer had stuck with the 911 and had one of the fastest.
By 72 the little 2.5 liter flat 6 had been pushed to as much as 275 hp.
This was on the outside edge of the engines reliability window and Kermer would not finish the 24hour race that year.


Catégorie : GTC-TC-76

Crédits :
- papag21 : 3d, mapping, structure des fichiers
- Greg7 : physiques
- kiwisteve : template, skins
- Ned : skins
- rallymaster : tests
- B8man : tests
-!Dirk : tests
- ga2jo :tests

and thanks.