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Thread: TEAM-GTLDK News

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    Merry Xmas to you all.

    So long

    SpecialKS aka Eifelblitz

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    Default Happy New Year

    2015 was a celebration of cups in all series in UKGTL
    ...& We do not sleep here at GTLDK in 2016, we started out hard & has hired a GPL driver to our Team in UKGTL Jeep. I hope you all will welcome Jeep, which is new in GTL & maybe use some setups from you

    Wish you all good luck in the new year
    Altbierbude Laptimes

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    Many thanks for the warm welcome Pelle,
    I'm a relative newbie to GTL but am known by the name "snafu" in GPL circles". Hopefully not overstating my abilities when I say I'm an average GPL driver managing 2nd in the oAo D2 division for season 18 and a GPL rank currently of -12.852.

    Week night racing is awkward for me due to family commitments but I want to try to make as many of the 55 series as I can with a few drop in races in other series if I get the chance.

    As Pelle mentions I'm struggling with GTL set up's a bit although I have (Tonight) made a major break through when I realised that GTL uses power and coast locking %age whereas GPL uses power and coast ramp angles and the effects are basically reversed. Which explains my frequent visits to the barriers - (Backwards).

    New to me are castor angles and their effect and also slow/fast bump and rebound. I (Sort of) know what I'm doing in GPL with basic bump & rebound and think understand the differences between slow and fast settings in GTL but currently can't quite translate this into what I'm seeing on track. So much I currently take for granted in GPL such as Replay analyser etc which I use a lot to see where I am gaining or losing time but have not found any GTL equivalent so far.

    GTL has opened a complete can of worms as far as my driving technique is concerned having spent every year of my sim racing life using buttons or paddles to change gear, for GTL I (For some unknown reason) decided a clutch, H-shifter and right foot braking was the way to go. After a few moments of brain fade in GPL races where I inexplicably went for the shifter and clutch instead of the more familiar paddles I am currently trying to unlearn 15 years of GPL paddles and buttons and re learn GPL driving it as it was intended.

    So that's me in a nutshell.

    Looking forwards to representing GTLDK.

    Happy New Year everyone.


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