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    Default GPL Install 2015

    There has been little change from the last instructions to install GPL

    I understand if those who want to try GPL give up, because you have to really search the web for help. If you find the solution to one must continue the search for the next problem. Actually, maybe because GPL is old,1998
    One thing that teased pretty much, normally used D3D patch (today new D3Dv2) but it would only give 20fps. If you use Alt+M could give 5 more...but too little, especially when in the old days could reach 36fps (without using the 60fps patch)...& to my big surprise, with OpenGLv2 it came back at 36fps.
    *2017/2018 Update* After countless updates for Windows 10, you can try again with D3Dv2

    GPL Install: Windows 8.1 & 10 x64 - NVIDIA
    1: Download GPL & Mount PowerIso to CD - or if you have CD, throw it in your drive & Stop auto install. CD don't work alone anymore from XP & up to now
    2: Run GPL Install 1.08 beta, tested & works perfect (Don't use the old GPL 0.97 Install)
    3: Copy your player profile (if you still have your old profile)
    4: Install GEM+ iGOR (but not to Program Files C:\GEM\GPLSecrets
    5: Install 4GB Patch
    6: Install gplrast_v2.5 (V2 rasterizers)
    7: Update Pribluda to v1.1.2.1 - Copy 'enablepribluda.XML' in here: C:\GEM\GPLSecrets\GEM+\Options
    8: Install GPLshift0790…but, only if you want to use H-Shifter (GPLShift can cause faster gear changes & banned in some Leagues) FairShift
    9: Install GPL67 Patch v1.3*
    10: Copy '60fpsv2newmod.XML' in here: C:\GEM\GPLSecrets\GEM+\Options
    (*60fpsv2newmod can only be used after you have installed GPL67 Patch v1.3)


    Start GEM+2 & select Open GL V2
    Remember: Enablepribluda...& If the server requires 60fps

    Q: Help, I have no GPL CD but would like to try.
    A: You can try to download a Demo from 2013, made of F1Legends & maybe find the track you miss in the link at the bottom.
    Q: In old days we always used WinVROC, but no help here ?
    A: When you start GEM+ you can choose whether you want to use VROC or iGOR & here are many more options, for example, to activate 60FPS & not much happens in VROC more.

    A good place to pick up everything you need: SMRZ
    ...& to test if everything works, download the new Spa67. You may be thinking back to the original Spa in GPL, many thought it was's certainly not more. This is a great experience, but a little more tricky.
    My time on the original track: 3:13...on this: 3:18...with the old Eagle setups. The man behind the wheel of the video runs about 3:25 in Ferrari

    You can jump to 6:40 in the video to watch a full lap

    To run online, press Gem+ 2 & if you choose VROC...maybe you're unlucky VROC can't find your GPL.exe & you have to help a Little.

    ...& use this option

    Are you having trouble with iGOR? Go to folder: \GPLSecrets\iGOR & open config file, you may need to change in IP
    IP =

    Server is because you don't have this track

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    Default Logitech G25/G27

    If you meant to install GPL was hard...this can become even more complicated
    Download the latest software: Logitech

    GPL is really hard & if your steering wheel does not work so you can control the's impossible to discover how much fun it is to drive GPL
    I must admit, my first attempt to install GPL & use GPLshift went totally wrong. I threw therefore H-Shifter away & uses gearshift buttons on the steering wheel...& without installing GPLshift.

    After numerous attempts & with tips from friends in Vroc ...I came to this solution: (hope you understand, my pictures are of course in Danish)

    This is important if you use my settings:
    Open your CORE file, it is here: C:\GPL ...& use these SETTINGS

    [ Joy ]
    allow_force_feedback = 1
    force_feedback_damping = 40
    force_feedback_latency = 0
    max_steering_torque = 540

    When you start the GPL use this option (If you experience GPL can't remember after calibrate...delete your 'controls' file located in this folder: C:\GPL\players\Your__Name
    ...If you are creates a new one that will Work.

    When you are in GPL...before you jump in your car, you should take a look at the setup. Steering Ratio should be set to 16:1

    A little fun, exactly the same setting as the good old Microsoft Sidewinder FF steering Wheel in Steering Ratio.
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