(G)TC-65 League Season 22 - Race 1

Monaco 1988 (DS Race) 12 Laps

Double Sprint (DS race):
~22-25 mins per race. 10 mins per qualification. Normal fuel and tyre settings. Double Sprint (DS) races consist of
two short races in which the top 6 finishers of the first race do not qualify in the second race (i.e. they start at the back).

*In DS race format, top-6 drivers of race 1 must disqualify themselves for the second race (driving in
wrong way, out of the track). This must be done in strict order, winner DQ himself first, after the same
thing with the 2nd, etc... this should be done during the qualify in the first five minutes if possible*

Start date: Thursday, 24 september 2015

Start qualification:

20:00 London
21:00 Paris
22:00 Helsinki

Start race:

20:10 London
21:10 Paris
22:10 Helsinki

"All in one" (included all cars and tracks)


1. Cars
2. Track Pack OR separately track downloads

If you want upgrade from Season 21 (cars only), add this pack

Server: GC GTC65 League S22
Server is passworded. PM me if you need the GC password.

Server settings:

Race 12 laps
Qual 10 mins
Fuel & tyre wearing: normal


Statistics and car setups
- Results
- Replays
- Lap statistics
- Teams
- Standings
- Car setups
- Schedule


Standard cars allowed (10)
Alfa Romeo GTA
Austin Healey 3000
Austin Mini Cooper S
Ford Falcon
Ford Mustang
Jaguar E-Type (ONLY car numbers #67, #68, #820)
Lotus Cortina
Mercedes 300SL
Renault Alpine
Shelby GT350

Add-on cars allowed (21)
AC Cobra 260 GTC league (added new skins)
Alfa Romeo GTA Junior
Aston Martin DB4GT
Austin Healey Sprite Mk1
Fiat Abarth 1000TCR GTC league
Fiat Abarth 131
Ford Escort 1300GT
Ford Mustang Conv GTCleag
Isuzu Bellett 1600GT
Isuzu Bellett 1600GTR
Jaguar MkII TH GTC league
Lotus Cortina 66
Mini Cooper 1275S
Mini Marcos Mk1
Pirin Fiat 1000TCR
Porsche 911R LE
Porsche 911S
Shelby GT350 '67
Simca Bertone 1200S (5-speed)
Triumph TR4
Volvo P1800


Important rule:
If you bump someone off though: wait for him to return in front of you before applying full throttle again!
In the eventuality of an incident without waiting, it can be brought to the attention of the league organisers.

All Gentlemen welcome!

Updates from Season 21:

  • DS race qualifying 10 mins.
  • DS race 22-25 mins per race.
  • Two worst event scores are left out from total points for each driver/team/constructor.
  • Added new Cobra skins