If anyone are interested.....

Formula 1 Venues Classic - Round 1

Wednesday, Oct 7th

Track: Silverstone 88

1972 BMW 2800CS
Datsun 240Z
Ford Escort RS
KGC 110 GT-X
Nissan Skyline GT-R
Opel Commodore GS 2800
1972 Porsche 911S
Porsche 914 GTU

Not available yet for racing but must be installed:
Ford Capri Perana

All cars, except the Capri, are available to everyone.
Server: F1VClassic
Password: F1VC2015

Qualification: 19:30 GMT
Race: 20:00 GMT

Race Length: 38 laps

Virtual race start time: 15:00
Track : optimal
Tyre Wear: Normal
Fuel Consumption: Normal
Pit stop: None

Rules: here and here.

Thanks to:
No Grip Racing, Gamers Crib, DerDumeklemmer, greg7 and Scyrion, Brickyard Legends Team, shotaro, CY-33, DonPanoz, bullit_68, cap7, John_W, rookieDaz.

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